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Rhode Island Chapter

Get valuable feedback and support for your singing from caring, qualified teachers!


Practice performing in front of small and large groups.


See what other local singers are singing!


Win prize money!

SIGN UP HERE.  Deadline is Oct. 22.


Child (up to age 11)

Youth (age 11-14, 6th-8th grade)

Lower High School 

Upper High School

Lower College

Upper College

Adult Avocational (for comments only)

Adult Aspiring Pro (adult students with 4+ years of lessons post HS)

CCM High School

CCM Adult


* 2-4 memorized songs (depending on category) with printed, legally obtained sheet music for your pianist.

* Application completed online including name of RINATS teacher. 

* $52 for application and pianist fee (paid online at time of application)

* Four copies of the adjudication form (print one, fill it out, then copy it)


1. Bring your music and water bottle! Dress comfortably but be tidy! 

2. Sign in at welcome desk on the main floor of St. Luke's.

3. Warm up before you get to St. Luke's; there will be limited warmup rooms available.

4. If you have a long wait before you sing, visit other audition rooms and watch performances. You might find a perfect song for yourself!

5. Be outside your audition room at least 10 minutes before your scheduled audition time. 

6. It's time for your audition! Smile and say hello to the judges, and hand over your adjudication forms. Bring your music to the pianist, and point out any places that need special attention. Then stand up confidently and indicate when you are ready.

7. SLAY! You worked hard for this moment; enjoy it! Bring in all the friends and family you want. Get someone to video your audition so you can watch it later! 

8. You're all done! Now what? Relax! Watch other performers, or relax in the lobby. 

9. When all the auditions are done, enjoy the Special Presentation in the Upper Hall. 

10. At the end of the Special Presentation, awards will be announced. Come up and accept the applause of a big crowd! 

11. If you are named a First Place Winner in your division, you will sing one piece for the Winners' Concert that immediately follows the announcements. Just come up and sing one more time! 

12. Your RINATS teacher will collect your adjudication forms and share them with you at the auditions or at your next lesson. 

Have questions? Contact your RINATS teacher or a RINATS board member.