Student Auditions (Music Theater) coming October 29!


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St. Luke Episcopal Church, 99 E. Pierce St., East Greenwich RI (click for directions)

 *** *** Entry is now closed. *** *** 

Interested in the Student Auditions? PLEASE READ ALL OF THE INFORMATION HERE! 

Categorical: Categories are based more on grade and age, rather than length of study. Click here for the list of categories that RINATS will offer in October 2016. We have new categories for the Music Theater Auditions, including CCM and Children! 

Ochre Court at Salve Regina University
Ochre Court at Salve Regina University, Newport RI

Two Auditions!: The Music Theater Student Auditions will be held Saturday, October 29, 2016 at St. Luke Episcopal Church, 99 E. Pierce St., East Greenwich RI. 

The Classical auditions will be Saturday, March 7, 2017 at at Salve Regina University in Newport.  More information about those auditions will be available in January 2017.

Protect Your Rep:  All repertoire must be completely memorized.

Piano Is Provided: You do not need to hire your own pianist for the Student Auditions! We have four incredibly talented collaborative pianists who will play for you (Scott Nicholas, Jennifer Christina Holden, John Norigian, and Jim Hay)! Bring your music ready to go, walk in, and perform — just like at a regular music theater audition.

Cutting In: NATS: Piano introductions, piano interludes, piano music after the vocal solo is completed, and internal cuts of opera arias and music theater selections are allowed as in common performance practice. Cuts of verse or verses of selections are not allowed. In the case of strophic pieces, all verses should remain that are traditionally included.

The Key To Success: NATS: All arias from opera, oratorio, mass, cantata, operetta, works titled “concert aria,” or music theater selections must be sung in the original key or an alternate key based on common performance practice.

The Fine Print:  Read all the NATS repertoire requirements here. Have questions? Contact a RINATS Board Member.

Check your Rep: All repertoire (except CCM repertoire) must be from staged Broadway and Off-Broadway productions. The production may be a musical, revue, or song cycle but MUST have been staged AND Broadway or Off-Broadway. If you have questions about the suitability of your repertoire, contact a RINATS Board Member.
NATS: Various online resources are available to confirm such status and teachers are encouraged to confirm them when selecting repertoire. Singers should ensure that contrasting selections represent the spectrum of their vocal and dramatic abilities. For example, this may be exhibited by selecting pieces of varying style periods (pop/rock, contemporary, Golden Age) and employing a variety of vocalism (belt, mix, legit).

Still A Bargain: The RINATS entry fee is $25. In addition to the entry fee, all singers are required to pay a $25 fee for the Collaborative Pianist (payable at time of entry). With three qualified adjudicators giving feedback and support, and professional pianists supporting every singer, RINATS Student Auditions continue to be an incredible value for students and teachers.

Rubrics,  Cubed: Click to see the new Adjudication Rubric. This is how adjudicators will evaluate every singer at the Student Auditions. This rubric more closely aligns with the NATS National Student Auditions. In fact, after you sing for the RINATS Auditions, you can turn on your video camera and perform again for the National Student Auditions!
NB: Any singer may opt for comments only from the judges, with no numerical scoring or advancement past preliminary round. Just write “comments only”  on your Student Adjudication Form.

In Top Form: Here’s the Student Adjudication Form. As in previous years, you’ll bring 4 copies of this form to the Student Auditions. This is what adjudicators will complete to evaluate your performance.  Your RINATS teacher will receive your forms at the end of the Auditions and share them with you.
NB: Any singer may opt for comments only from the judges, with no numerical scoring and no advancement past the preliminary round. Just write “comments only” on your Student Adjudication Form.

Ready to sing!
Ready to sing!