2017 RINATS Student Auditions — CLASSICAL

sinceThe CLASSICAL Student Auditions will be held Saturday, March 4 at Salve Regina University, Newport.

Step One: Talk with your RINATS Member Teacher and decide on your category, and your repertoire. When in doubt, rely on your grade in school more than your age.
Step Two: Complete the Entry Form online. Entry fee is $25. Entry deadline: February 22, 2017.
Step Three: Book a pianist for your performance. Need a pianist? 
Step Four:  Print Out This Adjudication Form, fill it in, and copy it three times. Bring it with you to Student Auditions. Judges will use this form to evaluate you. We’ll have extra forms if you forget; cost is $1.00 per page.
Step Five: Have your music ready to go. Absolutely NO PHOTOCOPIES permitted at the Student Auditions. Pianists play from legal printouts and bound books only. We reserve the right to check your music to ensure compliance with this NATS rule.  Teachers, visit www.nats.org for full details.
1. Check in at the front desk inside Angelus Hall.
Angelus Hall at Salve Regina University
Angelus Hall at Salve Regina University
2. Warm up in a dedicated warmup space (and do some warming up before you arrive, if possible!).
3. Perform! Bring your family and friends! Videorecording is allowed!  Choose your song order in advance and be prepared to sing all your selections. Do not wait for the judges to tell you to start each piece; just start singing and they’ll keep writing! You do not have to announce your pieces.
Please edit your music to stay under your allotted performance time. You will not be allowed to continue past your allotted time. Contact a RINATS Board Member if you have any questions.
4. Done singing? Relax, and watch other performers. The whole day is a learning experience! Visit different rooms; you might hear a wonderful piece of music that’s perfect for you, or you might see how another singer deals with nerves. You will learn something!
5. Attend the Special Presentation, which will be held in Ochre Court as soon as all the auditions are over.

Ochre Court at Salve Regina University
6. Attend the Awards Ceremony and Winner’s Concert. Third, Second, and First Place Winners in each age category will be announced. First Place Winners will perform one selection at the Winners’ Concert immediately following.
7. Get your Comments! Your teachers will pick up your comment sheets at the end of the day. Use the comments to continue advancing your vocal studies!

PRIZES: Cash Prizes will be given for First ($75) , Second($50) , and Third ($25) Place winners (combined genders) in each category. In addition, an Encouragement Award ($150, in honor of Stephen Denson)  will be awarded to one singer who performs in the Winner’s Concert. (RINATS Member teachers will vote for the winner of the Encouragement Award.)


Click Here for directions to Salve Regina University. Most performances will be in Angelus Hall.
1. Angelus Hall has wheelchair-accessible bathrooms on the first floor, but the second floor is not wheelchair accessible. Ochre Court and Mercy Chapel are handicap accessible. Contact a RINATS Board Member if you have any questions.
2. Angelus Hall can get very warm even in the middle of winter. Bring water and dress in layers if possible.
3. Free parking is available on the streets around Ochre Court, on Ochre Point Ave., and in front of Angelus.
4. Like to lounge? The Mercy Center Lounge is in the basement of Our Lady Of Mercy Chapel, directly across from Angelus. It’s a comfortable place to wait.
5. Miley Hall, across the street from Ochre Court, has a full service cafeteria and a snack bar. Click here for information. Saturday BRUNCH costs $8-10 and is served 11am to 1:30pm. The cafeteria takes debit cards and cash.
QUESTIONS? Contact a RINATS Board Member.  See you March 4!